Dr. Nuria de Diego

  • Univ Palacky, Olomuc, Czech Republic

Nuria De Diego Sanchez performed her Ph.D. studies on plant physiology at Neiker and Basque Country University in 2012. She moved to Palacky University in 2013, joining the Department of Chemical Biology and Genetics as a Junior Researcher to study plant response to stress from the physiological and metabolic points of view. In 2015, she collaborated with the same department’s phenotyping group and developed different screening approaches for studying stress responses in different plant species. In 2021, Nuria De Diego moved to the Czech Advanced Technology and Research Institute, also at Palacky University, and became the Chief Scientist of the phenotyping group. She published more than 45 publications in journals with impact factors and has an H-index of 19.


  • Accelerating stress tolerance studies using biological translation from model plants to crops

    Plants are sessile organisms exposed to several environmental stimuli, biotic and abiotic stresses. To deal with the different stress situations, plants have developed different mechanisms responses (molecular, metabolic, and physiological changes). However, these responses are not always powerful enough to ensure the plant’s survival and production. Much effort is thus invested into researching and developing […]