Prof. Jorge M.L. Marques da Silva

  • Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal)

Jorge Marques da Silva is a plant physiologist (Ph.D. in Biology – Physiology and Biochemistry) interested on the mechanisms of response to stress, chiefly on the effects of drought stress on the photosynthetic metabolism. As Associate Professor at the Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon, his Main scientific interest is on understanding how the interactions of abiotic stresses with the photosynthetic metabolism impairs primary productivity. Currently working in high-throughput plant phenotyping, aiming to unravel environment-genetic interactions in phenotype development, with the ultimate goal of improving crop responses to climate change. More information at his website.


  • Assessing plant vitality with optical techniques

    The way radiation interacts with matter provides relevant information about its composition and structure. In the case of radiation interaction with living beings, it can also provide information about their physiological functionality. Humans have always obtained information about the composition and physiological functioning of plants by simple visual assessment, but the developments in physics in […]