Dr. Marino Expósito

  • Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge University, UK

Dr Exposito-Rodriguez is research associate at SLCU. His research is focused on visualising reactive oxygen species (ROS) metabolism at cellular and subcellular level in vivo and at real time. Using genetically encoded biosensors, Dr Exposito-Rodriguez proposed a model where the photosynthetic hydrogen peroxide-dependent retrograde signalling is transferred from chloroplasts to nuclei. Currently, his aim is integrate both, ROS and ABA metabolism developing of plant cell atlas under fluctuating environments. His has published a number of high impact papers on biosensor engineer and ROS metabolism.


  • Visualizing ROS metabolism at subcellular level under fluctuating light conditions

    Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and lipid hydroperoxides (LOOH) are initiators and transducer of inter- and intra-cellular signaling in response to diverse environmental, pathological and developmental cues. The accumulation of both H2O2 and LOOH is often coincident in tissues, but it is unknown if this happens in subcellular compartments. If it were to occur, then it would […]